Looking for easy to install curtain rods? Well look no further! 09.20.2009

My wife and I have moved a few times over the years and it seems like every time we move into a new home the window treatments are the last thing we do to finish decorating.  Why is that?  You know why.  Because installing curtain rods is like taking a trip to the dentist.  Ok not literally, but it is something people will put off as long as possible, or as I have found, will just completely give up and not do.  Why should beautifying your home be such a pain in the butt?

Well it no longer has to be.  ReadyHang™ decorative drapery hardware is just what we have been looking for.  ReadyHang™ can be installed by anyone, in just minutes, with NO DRILLING REQUIRED!  That’s right, no drilling.  The secret to ReadyHang™ decorative drapery hardware is the patent pending ReadyHang™ brackets.  Just place them on the top corners of your window frame, tighten the adjustable screw with the Allen wrench (included), and you’re done!  Curtains and drapery are ready to be hung.  Check it out at

Take back your home.  Decorate the way you want!  ReadyHang™ decorative drapery hardware is stylish, simple, and can be installed by anyone.  So go ahead and put those finishing touches on those rooms you have been putting off.  You won’t believe how easy it is!

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