Easy to hang curtain rods, NO TOOLS NEEDED! 10.11.2009

Let’s talk about the tools you will need to have on hand in order to install a typical curtain rod.  Let’s see, you will need to have a drill, oh and you must be able to USE it correctly.  You will need a measuring tape to figure out where you want to drill those holes.  You will need a level to make sure your holes are exactly right.  Drill bits, for the drill obviously.  A screwdriver will be needed or at least a screw bit for your drill.  Sometimes a hammer to pound in those drywall anchors.  That should be it, UNLESS you make a mistake.  Then you can add a spackling knife, sandpaper, and a paint brush to your list of tools.  And don’t forget a vacuum cleaner to clean up all the dust left over from drilling your holes (I prefer a Bissell, by the way).

Wow!  That’s a lot of tools!  Plus you have to be able to use them all properly.  Wish there was an easier way?  Well now there is!  It’s ReadyHang™ decorative drapery hardware.  ReadyHang™ can be installed by anyone, in just minutes, with NO DRILLING REQUIRED and NO TOOLS NEEDED!  That’s right, everything you need to install ReadyHang™ comes right in the box.  The secret to ReadyHang™ decorative drapery hardware is the patent pending ReadyHang™ brackets.  Just place them on the top corners of your window frame, tighten the adjustable screw with the Allen wrench (included), and you’re done!  No measuring, drilling, leveling, mistakes, or patched holes.  NO TOOLS NEEDED!

ReadyHang™ decorative drapery hardware is available in many sizes, styles and finishes. You are sure to find something that fits your homes décor, and you won’t believe how easy it is!  Check it out at

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