Easy to hang curtain rods, NO DRILLING NEEDED! 10.04.2009

Installing curtain rods is no easy task.  You need lots of tools, like a drill, level, measuring tape, screwdriver, etc….  Then you need to set aside some time.  How much time?  Well this depends on how handy you are with the tools mentioned above, but it’s safe to say you are looking at a good half hour at least.  Then let’s just hope you have measured correctly so you didn’t drill holes in the wrong spots.  If so then you will need more tools, spackling knife, sand paper, paint brush, etc…

Wish there was an easier way?  Well now there is!  It’s ReadyHang™ decorative drapery hardware.  ReadyHang™ can be installed by anyone, in just minutes, with NO DRILLING REQUIRED!  That’s right, no drilling.  The secret to ReadyHang™ decorative drapery hardware is the patent pending ReadyHang™ brackets.  Just place them on the top corners of your window frame, tighten the adjustable screw with the Allen wrench (included), and you’re done!  No measuring, drilling, leveling, mistakes, or patched holes.

Everything you need to install ReadyHang™ comes right in the box.  So you don’t need to have a large set of tools on hand, and you don’t even need to be handy with tools.  ReadyHang™ decorative drapery hardware is stylish, simple, and can be installed by anyone. You won’t believe how easy it is!  Check it out at

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