Easy to hang curtain rods, great for renters and college students! 09.29.2009

If you are renting an apartment or home and are planning on hanging curtains, please do yourself a favor and check out  ReadyHang™ decorative drapery hardware is just what you need.  ReadyHang™ can be installed by anyone, in just minutes, with NO DRILLING REQUIRED!  That’s right, no drilling.  The secret to ReadyHang™ decorative drapery hardware is the patent pending ReadyHang™ brackets.  Just place them on the top corners of your window frame, tighten the adjustable screw with the Allen wrench (included), and you’re done!  Curtains and drapery are ready to be hung. 

ReadyHang™ is great because it doesn’t leave holes in the walls that need to be patched, sanded, and painted later.  ReadyHang™ can be a permanent or temporary installation so it is perfect for people who are renting or even college students in a short term housing situation.  Everything you need to install ReadyHang™ comes right in the box.

As long as the window has a frame/trim around it, you can use ReadyHang™ decorative drapery hardware to add the finishing touches to your rooms.  ReadyHang™ decorative drapery hardware is stylish, simple, and can be installed by anyone. You won’t believe how easy it is!

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